Chris Brown On Day 2 of Community Service and Already Having the Time of His Life

- By Bossip Staff

Breezy felt it was necessary yesterday to take off his shirt and show off his new physique. In the pictures below, he is comparing tats with pigs, and he seems to be having a grand old time being… normal.

Look how happy the woman officer is though… SMH

Poor kid, this is as close to a normal life that he has seen in a long time. Probably the best thing for the boy…

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  • MSRitaBabie


  • MSRitaBabie

    lol look @ him

  • wonderwall

    I think sometimes celebs need that bit of normalcy. He rose up so quick and maybe he just needed some time off. I’m happy that he stepped up and took responsibility…thats why I am a fan.

  • tb

    Nice body….

    Hate the way his pants are hanging though.

  • butta pecan chocolate deluxe

    kudos to chris brown for enjoying his community service! lol

  • Re

    “Probably the best thing for the boy…

    This here statement was unintentionally hilarious. I could here an old British woman saying this over tea about her bad 11 year old grandson.

    Anyway, I’m glad he’s having a decent time! I think people wanted to see him drowning in sweaty misery.

  • Re

    I could HEAR….my bad, typo for all the grammar lovers…

  • shamar from the m-town

    how the hell is this normal? how many people that served community service had paparazzi everywhere taking pictures? he is eating this up

  • nina


  • Moreaces - Cowboys are King.

    This will get old to him in a few more days, but anyway, at least he will stay in shape with all the hard labor.. I hope he has learned a thing or two though.

  • candygirl

    typical…he makes this situation a joke and an opportunity to be about himself. he’s wearing a wifebeater, taking off his shirt to get attention for his body, posing for pictures and tweeting about it, getting his t-shirt line exposed and all in all laughing in the face of the court system. he has not learned one thing yet

  • Tony Redds ( I got luv for the ladies of Memphis!

    the lil trout sniffer has adapted quickly to the mentality of an institutionalized mind…go figure… j/k

  • Britsh Black Woman

    Um…. Did he piss himself?

  • Chocolate Wisdom (Droppin' knowledge like it's HOT!)

    Hardly normal – let’s keep in mind his normal day is not picking up trash or weeds. His normal day is recording and performing. We can’t be too quick to criticize as he is not making money. Imagine if you had to take six months to work for free? Imaging how much more money he is losing not being able to work at this time.

    I am no defender or fan, but dang, when can a brother pay his due and move on? People still hating on Vick, he lost millions, homes time from family, boody and his now name is stained.

    Do the crime, do the time and give them shance to get right.

  • LilmissDiva

    I am not even mad at Chris. He looks hella good. Come on to MD and pick up my trash boo! People thought he was going break but he proving all the haters wrong. Why should he be sad or looking up set. I swear America.

    @Low Down oh hush he got more paper than you!

  • BE

    how old is he now?? old enough to look but not quite old enough to touch….dang

  • Nikita

    Hmmm, not bad looking. If ya got it, make it be known.

  • Mika

    Keep your head up Chris! I cant wait til this is old news.

  • %#&?!!

    he belong in jail bc he already reps the homo dress code w/ the pants hanging down. disgusting!!
    if he doesn’t think that pulling up his pants is part of growing up then he should stay there. plain and simple HANGING PANTS = N-WORD = GENOCIDE!!

  • Cynthia

    Please click on my name and check out the Rihanna Revenge story. You will laugh so hard I promise

  • http://deleted Anthony

    That judge who sentecned him to labor should be dis-bared. His time would be better served talking to kids in school.

  • AmyWineHouseFan

    @Shamar..umm how many of those ppl are celebs?? Thanks. my point exactly.

  • Fashionized Diva

    Chris looks Good… and i dont see what the problem is. if he has to do this for one hundred and some thing days why not smile. looking all mad and sad isnt going to change nothing nor is it going to speed up anything. chris you go boy.. he’s looking so damn good, i gotta lick my lips real quick lol

  • SmokingPurp

    First off I am in no way a supporter of domestic violence but Rihanna looks like she need someone to smack her ass, yeah I said it. Still the fact remains he did the crime no he is doing what the legal system has asked him to so dont hate on the man. No one man or woman is perfect in this world, we all deserve second chances. I predict this young man will turn things around and be relevant again because of all you haters who feed energy right to the people you hate on. Fall back and Roll up. Dont judge people. Look in the damn mirror before you start running your mouth. Especially black women they always hate anyway, women in general for that matter, yeah i said it. What its the truth and the truth hurts. Love is Pain. Food for thought you do the dishes. At least yall got to witness. Switches.

  • CaribbeanGirlForBreezy

    Chris is just one of those people who are always happy no matter what. He probably sees the bright side of a situation all the time.

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