Florida Crazies: 75-Year-Old Husband Commits Suicide After Murdering Alzheimer’s-Suffering Wife

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Florida Man Kills Alzheimer’s-Ill Wife Then Commits Suicide

Just another day in the Sunshine State.

An Orlando-Sentinel report details the deaths of Laurence Caulfield and his wife under some pretty disturbing circumstances.

Police say Caulfield mailed a relative a copy of he and his wife’s will, life insurance policies and financial info and a note stating that he was struggling badly with with his wife’s Alzheimer’s disease.

The relative alerted authorities but when they went to investigate, Caulfield told them his wife had moved to Kansas to get help and to speak to his daughter. The daughter knew nothing about it.

Upon return to the house, police heard a gunshot and found Caulfield dead in the backyard. They found a note in the house stating that he had killed his wife and buried her in the back of the house.

No word on if the woman’s body had been found.

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