Here’s What Mama Joyce Has To Say About Phaedra’s Lewd Lies About Her Daughter Kandi

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Mama Joyce Speaks Out On Phaedra Parks’ Lies

Now you KNEW that there was no way that Phaedra Parks would get exposed on national television, dragged to the depths of shady hell on social media, and booted from Bravo for good without Kandi’s mother Mama Joyce giving her two cents on the matter.

Mama Joyce hasn’t seen it for Phaedra for quite some time, and made sure to hop on the phone with Radar Online to let it be known that Phaedra got at least a portion of what she deserves for attacking her daughter with vicious lies.

“She is a liar! This is what I’ve always said. She was a liar. She should be sharing a cell with her husband!”

Like most viewers, Mama Joyce insisted that Phaedra chose Porsha to carry out her plan of defaming Kandi’s name because she knew she could easily feed her lies and twist her perception.

“Phaedra is a massive manipulator. A master manipulator. She knows exactly what she’s doing and she knows who to do it to. She preys on the weak.

Phaedra said Kandi and Todd were going to drug Porsha and take her for sex. She told Porsha that! ”

Meanwhile, she corroborates Kandi’s claims that drugs and alcohol have never been her thing, so there’s no way she would put someone else under the influence to do sexual things to them, or for any other reason for that matter.

Kandi doesn’t even allow people to smoke weed [around her] and she’s not into any other kind of drugs. Kandi doesn’t even toast with champagne! She never has. Not only that she would never do that, she would never drug someone.”

We’re pretty sure that’s not ALL she has to say about someone she “wouldn’t piss on if she were on fire.” Surely she’s thrilled that Phaedra won’t be back to bother Kandi…at least not on camera, anyway.


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