Down Goes Spicer? Tangerine POTUS Considers Sacking Press Secretary For Pathetic Performance

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Trump May Replace Sean Spicer As Press Secretary For Poor Performances

The Presidency of the United States has become a reality TV show.

CNN reporter Jim Acosta says that the burnt sienna commander-in-chief is thinking about making Sean Spicer the next head on his chopping block.

Trump is apparently unhappy with Spicer’s efforts to defend his master’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey.

The “Sanders” mentioned in the tweet is Sarah Huckabee Sanders who filled-in for Spicer at Wednesday’s daily press briefing and NYPost is reporting that she will be conducting them for the rest of the week.

The press conference that has Seanny-boy lookin’ funny in the light took place Tuesday night where he hid in the bushes and ordered TV cameramen to turn off their equipment as he did NOT want to be recorded according to the WashingtonPost:

“Just turn the lights off. Turn the lights off,” he ordered. “We’ll take care of this. … Can you just turn that light off?”

As you can see, the bush-hiding yielded some hilarious memes and we have no doubt that if Spice does indeed get fired, there will be more hilarity to come.

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