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What’s Really “Crossing The Line” When It Comes To Reality TV?

Let me start of by saying: this is not an editorial on why Phaedra Parks deserves a peach. I don’t know who deserves what, that’s why I’m asking these question out loud. I see some morally dysfunctional stuff happening across several of the “housewife” franchises that makes me ask the question of why finally Phaedra?

Let’s start in Atlanta.

Phaedra tells Porsha a “rumor” and then Porsha, the journalist, proceeded to repeat the slanderous “rape” allegation on television to MILLIONS of viewers. She didn’t confirm with any kind of written proof before spreading the lie but her “secret” source is punished? Kind of negligent coming from an ‘esteemed journalist’. Something seems off there.

Phaedra never got on camera to spread the lie. Yes, I know, it’s fawked up. But, why do we reward Porsha (with a job in this case) for “being dumb”?

This is the third time 35-year-old Porsha saved her Peach after doing detrimentally dumb isht. She attacked Kenya physically (which is a heck no) and then attacked another girl on camera in an alley way. Her physical attacks on others are pale in comparison to someone being “messy” I guess. And if you want to say being “manipulative” is the line Phaedra crossed, walk this way…

Let’s travel to The OC for a moment.

RHOC’s Vicky Gunvalson flat-out LIED about her ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers having cancer, and made a fortune off of it. She admitted on the show’s reunion special last year that she lied because she was “looking for compassion.” People began to question some holes in her story while the storyline kept her relevant for a full season.

Meanwhile, her ex-boyfriend sold forged Cancer documents to E! in exchange for an ‘exclusive’ interview, while Vicky backed him up. Ayers was paid $12,000 for the interview according to Radar. Vicky still has her job after manufacturing a whole storyline and collecting money from it. That sounds manipulative to me (and illegal).

Lastly, I want to bring attention to RHONJ’s Tersea Giudice, convicted felon.

Sources say Phaedra sealed her fate after showing little remorse over her lies were exposed that day. The same was said about Teresa Giudice, after being hit with felony charges she accumulated while working on the show. She served her time and returned right back to TV, without a hitch. “Housewife” Heather Dubrow expressed her shock over Teresa and her convicted hubby still having jobs, and showing a lack of remorse for the crimes they pulled off with Reality Tea back in 2014.

“I don’t know them,” shared Heather. “I feel terrible for their children and their family, however, they did these things. They pled guilty…I saw her on Andy Cohen‘s show last week and to me there was no remorse.

If there was a Bravo executive who pled guilty to 41 counts of fraud, would they keep them on the payroll?” asked Heather. Absolutely not, in my opinion, but an exec would not bring viewers to the network. #priorities “Isn’t Teresa a Bravo employee? At some point, are we harboring a criminal?”

Harboring criminals is wrong, unless they’re bringing in ratings!

Maybe if Phaedra was filming with a cancer-stricken “Mr. Chocolate” while pounding out random folks in an alley she’d still have a job. That’s all I can conclude.

I spoke to entertainment Lawyer Gilles Walters on the matter and he had this to say:

“My understanding on employment law in Georgia is that an employee doesn’t have any unique and distinctive rights over what they can fire you for. They can basically fire [Phaedra] for anything they want, depending on her contract. It sounds like they may have found something she did as more egregious than someone else. They could’ve fired any other housewife but, the choice is theirs.”


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