THE LIES: Phaedra Parks Claims That Bravo Production Set Her Up For The Fail, And Her Kids Are Now Getting Harrassed

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Phaedra Parks Blames Bravo For Rumors And Harassment

Phaedra Parks is surfing the wave of her Housewives L and still dragging the Bravo production staff into the middle of her shenanigans.

Sources close to Phae are telling TMZ that Phaedra is furious because she swears she only repeated intel she received directly from the production staff.

Of course, no one on staff told her to present it to Porsha as fact from Kandi’s own mouth…but we digress.

Phaedra claims she explained the role the producer played in the dungeon draggin’ lie during the reunion…but Andy’s editors chopped it up to make it look like she just sat there plain-faced and unapologetic. She’s pissed that it seems like she pulled the story straight out of her donkey booty when it came from the mouth of a trusted Bravo staff member — according to her.

She feels like she was fired mainly for exposing production, rather than for spreading vicious lies. She says she’s now getting slammed with hateful harassing messages on social media, and physical hate mail is flooding her legal office. She even says little Ayden and Dylan are being harassed over this.

Phaedra feels like she’s taking the fall in public opinion when Bravo KNOWS she’s not even the original source of the story.

Kind of hard to get folks on your side over a lie, don’t you think? Regardless of where the info came from, she spoke it as fact in a pretty malicious manner and let it grow into an ugly, hurtful rumor…

It doesn’t seem that she has anyone else to point the finger at over that.


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