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Judge Hatchett Reveals Wrongful Death Of Daughter-In-Law After Childbirth

While we all know Judge Glenda Hatchett best from her court show, the former daytime TV star, unfortunately, has a serious tragedy on her hands now that she’s supporting her son in a lawsuit over.

Judge Hatchett recently revealed how her daughter-in-law tragically died from massive blood loss, just 12 hours after giving birth via a c-section at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. 39-year-old Kyira Dixon Johnson, passed away in April of 2016 just hours after delivering her second son with husband Charles S. Johnson IV.

Johnson revealed on Wednesday that he had filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the hospital over his wife’s untimely death, alleging that doctors neglected to properly treat her once she began showing signs of internal bleeding after the birth.

Daily Mail reports the hours of alleged neglect detailed in court documents that ultimately led to Kyira’s death just hours after delivering to her second baby:

The lawsuit claims her doctors were made aware of Kyira’s situation multiple times as nurses continued to monitor her.

A doctor ordered that CT scans be carried out of Kyira’s abdomen and pelvis given she was suffering from abdominal pain and had a flow of blood in her catheter, the lawsuit claims. The CT scans had allegedly still not been done four hours later and the lawsuit alleges they were never carried out.

Court documents state that doctors recommended at 11.42pm that Kyira go in for surgery to identify the source of bleeding. The mother-of-two was taken to surgery at 12.30am on April 13.

‘During surgery Kyira was found to have 3 liters of blood in her abdomen. Kyira did not survive the ongoing massive blood loss,’ court documents state.

SMH! Hours to address the issue, and yet hospital staff kept pushing it to the side until it was too late. By the sounds of things, if doctors had been paying proper attention, they could have easily kept this beautiful family intact.




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