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Fyre Media Founder Tells Staff No One Will Get Paid For Festival Or Anything Else

Fyre Media founder Billy McFarland was caught stiffing his staff in a leaked audio recording obtained by Vice. On a conference call, for which Ja Rule was present, the founder addressed several nameless employees on the line about the bleak future of the company.

“There will be no payroll in the short-term. I understand that this is not an ideal situation for everybody, and this will likely cause a lot of you to resign, which we totally get and understand,” he said. “That said, if you want to stick with us, we’d love to have you and we’d love to work together and hunker down and get back to a place where everything resumes to business as usual as usual.”

This guy is expecting his staff to “volunteer” to build his business back after taking a huge L last month.

An employee spoke up to ask “so are you firing me?”

He said we’re not firing anybody, there won’t be any payroll in the short-term. So, uh there’s no more official employment.”


Another woman says “so you’re not going to lay us off so we can file for unemployment benefits, you’re going to force us to quit?”

Billy couldn’t give a straight answer besides a general “I don’t really know.” And why was Ja Rule so damn silent?? Take a listen to the phone call here.





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