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Florida Man Planned To Bomb 10 Targets In Order To Make Money From Low Stock

You read every single word of our headline correctly. Ocala Star-Banner is reporting that registered sex offender Mark Charles Barnett wanted to bomb 10 Target stores, possibly killing hundreds, in order to make a couple dollars.

Even Pinky and the Brain wouldn’t come up with such a deranged plot.

Obviously Barnett didn’t think his idea through too well because he didn’t even want to carry out the dastardly deed himself. He recruited an accomplice who then snitched to the Feds and turned in all ten bombs that he was given.

The ATF, FBI and local authorities arrested Barnett in an office parking lot. Aside from the terrorist crime he was plotting, Barnett was on probation until 2023 for the rape and kidnapping of a young girl back in 1992.

ATF officials said Barnett made statements about the stock market and that he had some investments and planned to make money from those investments. The plan was to detonate bombs in Target stores to make the stock tumble. Once the stock plunged, he would buy the stock at a lower price and then resell it at a profit.

There is NOTHING good waiting for Barnett in prison. He better hold his soap tight…

Image via Marion County Jail



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