Hol Up Bih! Kendrick Lamar Embarrassed As He Gets Pulled Over By LA Cop

- By Bossip Staff

You Won’t Believe What Happened When K. Dot Got Stopped

Kendrick Lamar was perusing around LA when he was pulled over by the po-po. According to video footage, the officer pulled over the “Humble” rapper for not having any plates on his G-Wagon. Once K.Dot realized there were cameras around, he immediately rolled up his window to shield his face. The officer seemed unaware of Kendrick’s high-celerity status, but allowed him to on about his day without a ticket or warning.

The arrest comes two years after Kendrick’s “anti-cop” BET performance of “Alright”, which gained the not-so-wanted attention of Fox News’s Geraldo Rivera. Rivera insisted that K.Dot’s music (rap) “has done worse for African American children than racism in recent years.” Ummm that’s definitely a stretch. Kendrick, on the other hand, says his music is about hope. It’s just nice to know that a brother can get pulled over and drive away safely. Glad you’re alright Kendrick!

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