Damn Homie: Research Shows Name Plummet Following Caitlyn Jenner’s Debut

- By Bossip Staff

Don’t Call Me Caitlyn…

In an ironic twist of events, the name “Caitlyn” is no longer desirable amongst new parents. According to the Social Security Administration, who releases annual lists of popular baby names, all four spelling variations of “Caitlyn” fell out of the top 1,000. Yikes! While it’s not fair to hold Caitlyn Jenner solely responsible for the plummet, researchers are attributing most of the blame to her 2016 Vanity Fair cover which read “Call Me Caitlyn.”

“Once parents see that a name is super popular, they are going to start avoiding it,” said founder of babynames.com, Jennifer Moss. This is the nice way of saying that once a name becomes too controversial, it’s a huge turn-off for parents. For example, “Emma” has been #1 for three years in a row, indicating popularity has nothing to do with it.

Looks like there won’t be too many more children being called Caitlyn. What do you think the most popular ethnic names are?

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