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Matt Jordan Pursuing Legal Action Over Peter Thomas Fight

The messy man beef between Matt Jordan and Peter Thomas is FAR from over.

As previously reported the footage of their March brawl finally leaked and in it, you can see a pissed off Matt attack Peter at Charlotte’s Power 98 FM.

Now more details have surfaced courtesy of AllAboutTheTea who spoke to Matt Jordan directly. According to Matt, he’s planning to sue not only for the footage being released but because he sustained injuries while trying to wrestle away the box cutter Peter used as a weapon during the fight.

“I have not signed a release waiver granting Radio One, Peter Thomas or any legal media outlet permission to use my image for commercial or non-commercial purposes,” said Matt.
“I sustained injuries during the altercation. The leaked footage adds insult to my injuries. Cease and desist notices were issued by my attorney, and at this juncture, we’re prepared to move forward with legal action.

Matt told the site that during the fight he sustained injuries to his finger that will require surgery and has “lacerations in a frozen tendon.” He also added that Peter tried THREE times to cut him during their WWE-style smackdown.

Peter did previously admit to pulling out a box cutter but said it was in self-dense because of Matt’s size and age.

“Matt’s like 6’5 and 250…. he’s like 33/35 and I’m 56… I don’t wanna fight this n**** F*ck I’m doing fighting?” he told StraightFromTheA.

If you look closely in the video you can see the box cutter in Peter’s hand.

What do YOU think about Matt Jordan planning to sue over his Peter Thomas fight???

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