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Uber Driver Praised For Booting Out Ni**a Rapping White Folks

An Uber passenger’s tweet went viral after allegedly witnessing two white passengers get the boot before their ride was complete. They got kicked to the curb after repeating the n-word in the back seat. Twitter user “@alexisisbest” said the driver ended the passengers trip after happily rapping the lyrics.

People cheered for Aaron, the amazingly conscious Uber driver for not letting White folks saying n*gga slide, but of course some white fools capped for the passenger. They said the driver shouldn’t be playing that kind of music anyhow, and also took the opportunity to type the word out himself. Take a look.

Aiiight. There were more mayonnaise tears in her replies, implying the driver was “racist” for kicking the passengers out. One commenter even said she experienced folks wanting her to “get out” of her own neighborhood because of her opal complexion.

Welp! No need to bother explaining why the n-word is off limits but a few did, and it probably fell on deaf white ears.



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