Hold Up, WAYMENT: Did Preggonce Invite KIM K. To Her Rumored Baby Shower?!

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Preggonce’s Rumored Baby Shower Sparks Chaos

You may have felt a disturbance in the universe over the weekend. A rather baffling disturbance fueled by Preggonce allegedly inviting supervillain Becky KIM K. to her reported baby shower at the Museum of Ice Cream in L.A. As of now, we don’t know if any of this actually happened but the internet is convinced it absolutely did.

Peep the BeyHive tizzy over Kim K’s alleged invite to Preggonce’s baby shower.

No one spills the beans quite like Mama Tina who started the baby shower rumor with an IG post from the Ice Cream museum. And then Preggonce’s BFF Gwyneth posted from the museum followed by Kim K’s snaps from the museum that made this a thing.

BUT did the shower really happen and was Kim K. invited??? ORRRR did slick Kimmy just post old pics from the museum at the same time to make it seem like she was at the rumored shower? Hmmm.

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    Hmmm orrrr was this all one big false alarm??? You be the judge.

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