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Florida High School Tells Black Student She Needs To Get Her Natural Hair “Done”

A Florida (of course it’s Florida) high school is far more concerned with what’s ON students heads, than what’s IN them.

According to Fox35, Montverde Academy told 16-year-old junior Nicole Orr that she needed to get rid of her natural hair style and find something that aligns with the “dress code” aka guidelines to make whitey comfortable.

“I received a call saying that my daughter needed to get her hair done and she wears her natural and I was kind of taken aback by it,” said her dad, Eric Orr.

“She literally felt, ‘Wow, what’s wrong with my hair? The Caucasian girls are able to wear their natural hair straight. Why can’t I wear my natural hair the way that it grows?’” said her mom, Secily Wilson.

Here’s what the headmaster of the school told Nicole’s parents and news reporters about the incident:

“My understanding in talking with the dean of students, I think it was more in line with that neat and organized look that we’re going for. Not so much the issue of dread locks per say,” said Dr. Kasey Kesselring, Montverde’s headmaster.

Kesserling did eventually agree that the part of the policy that included “dread-like” hair needed to be removed so that no ethnic group feels targeted.

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