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Karen King and Tommie Lee have a pretty motherly/daughterly relationship on the Love & Hip Hop timeline…but things seem to have taken a DRASTIC turn for the worse in the present because Karen took to Instagram Live to go IN on Tommie for a solid hour.

If you aren’t doing anything else at the moment, feel free to take a listen to Karen King’s list of grievances against Tommie Lee.

For the rest of you, fast forward to:

5:00 min mark for Karen putting Tommie on for Love & Hip Hop
12:00 min mark for threats to send Tommie to jail over a scammed plastic surgery
17:00 min mark for how she put her on to Love & Hip Hop
22:00 min mark for how Tommie got assaulted(?) by Joseline
31:00 min mark for how she goes against producers to protect Tommie
42:00 min mark for her addressing the attempted murder as a “lie”
45:30 min mark for her admitting she’s kind of messed up out here and…we aren’t sure but it took us out.

Anywho…thoughts? She certainly had a lot of feelings (and a lot of folks business) to get off her chest today.



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