Rumor Control: Letoya is NOT with Tank… She Told us So

- By Bossip Staff

During an exclusive interview with BOSSIP Letoya talked about her relationship with Tank.

Letoya says:

Bossip: Speaking of Tank, he is a co-star in your new movie coming out October 30th called Preacher’s Kid.  Any major chemistry there? Especially now that we know you guys work together on and off the screen?

LeToya: Yea actually.  Let me re-phrase that, there was chemistry like “what up folk, let’s go get lunch, all of us but that’s just a homeboy.  That is it, nothing else. He is a very talented person and I think a lot of people sleep on him.

Bossip: We have to admit he is washed up as of late, did he mention any projects?

LeToya: He’s working on an album to my knowledge, and he did three tracks on my album as well as some stuff with Keri (Hilson) so he is working.

So guess that controls that rumor, because Tank would not do anything for Letoya’s image. Although they do make a decent looking d-list couple.


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  • Aunt Viv

    Cute couple-haven’t seen him in a minute


    HI AUNT VIV!!!! 😉

  • drenk


  • Sunshine20745

    Darrell aint with her.

  • charlotte

    Good thing their not together cuz he has too many kids for her

  • chaka1

    He looks really skinny too. His arms are too veiny.

  • Br

    This was created by the LETOYAONLINE.COM fans themselves. I’m seeing Kellyrowland, Shanm, Sen, Dangerous, Marcus starting it. DO NOT BELIEVE IT!!!

  • Lovernotfighter

    *No LIFE


    Rihanna and Chris denied their relationship too. You never know what’s going on. Time will tell.

  • thisizkim

    They would make a totally cute couple though!

  • b

    tank looks slow in the face…

  • Brownthaanimal

    I like them both its a good look they should give it a try

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