Muva, May I…Run Up In Ya Crib? Amber Rose Slept While Intruder Parlayed In Her House For 4 Hours

- By Bossip Staff

Intruder Was Undetected Inside Amber Rose’s Home For 4 Hours While She Slept

Sh!t ain’t safe on the bougie streets of L.A. Every day a new celeb is getting robbed or having their house vandalized, add Amber Rose to this list.

According to TMZ, the MILFY-y mom was sound asleep surrounded by her mother, son, assistant and bodyguard when an intruder made himself comfortable in her home for over 4 HOURS!

It is said that the man entered through Amber’s kitchen window. What’s scary is that Amber’s assistant woke up in the middle of the night and made a snack WHILE the man was walking through the house! The broken window was discovered yesterday afternoon and when Muva looked at the security camera footage, she saw the man breaking in.

So what was the man doing in the house? Nothing. Not a single item was stolen.

Wonder if he knew it was Amber’s crib…

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