*Update*: Rihanna’s New Man Piece May Belong to Someone Else

- By Bossip Staff

BOSSIP just reported on Rihanna’s new man but moments later he hit us up on Twitter.

We Wonder Why???

Janero the man said to be Rihanna’s new piece hit us up on Twitter to shut down the rumor that he and Rihanna were dating, his now friend Dollicia even got into the mix and tweeted that they were never together either:

Janero’s tweet says his “shorty” alerted him of the post and got upset but we think that may not be the case…

According to a new source Rihanna’s “alleged” man whose former name was Aaron may be gay.  Which could explain his hasty response to our story and the tweet from Dollicia denying their relationship as well. We learned that Aaron used to attend Temple University and transferred once rumors circulated that he was gay.  Our source recalls that Janero had dated many men on campus and used to wear extensions in his hair.

Hey Janero tell us how our a** taste or just let us know if this is false as well.


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  • Victorian

    First bithcessss!!!

  • lach

    ok Whatever

  • Crank That

    1st! DAMN!

  • told you so

    damn…dude is about to be on blast…

  • Diva


  • Moreaces - Cowboys Rule

    Is this so shocking, are there any stories that we see on here ever true..

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  • Simone

    And the 1st shall be LAST!!



  • Truth Hurts

    Who cares

  • d303

    damn – they’re all gay nowadays!

  • Babegyrl™

    And we care why?????????

    All this sh*t is for entertainment ONLY!!! I hope none of yall be believing half this crap…..

    Keep it moving!!!


  • Goddess☀iLy

    i thought he preferred not to be in the spotlight..

  • Yoda

    This is a site for entertainment news, they will entertain you. Just have fun with the information, if it really interest you, then get you P.I. skills on and do your own research.

    Who’s this guy, is he Famous?
    That Dollicia is a wicked chick.

  • Victorian

    @Chimera- Ummmm… Thanks…. Not

  • Tropical English

    Yeah, he gay, trying so hard to play the role by calling someone his ‘shorty.’ C’mon, who says that these days?

    Also, even after getting called out by his ‘shorty’ he went on to make two comments about how bangin Rihanna is and how any man would love to be with her. Yeah, right, you wouldn’t be responded so swiftly to the rumors to appease your ‘shorty’ then turn right around publicly drooling over another chick. He thru those two comments in there to throw us of the scent (……of ass!)

  • I'm Just Me: Re: CRACKING ME UP SINCE 2008!!!

    I knew buddy looked zesty


    LMAOOO @ Zesty!

  • I'm Just Me: Re: CRACKING ME UP SINCE 2008!!!


    Why is his “shorty’ so insecure about rumors. Got the boy up here calling y’all out.

    “Shorty, you should really be more secure in your relationship than you are”

  • GTFOH With the DUMB

    If he’s a law student he’d better get busy and so what if he’s gay or bi that makes it perfect…LMAO

  • benzoe88

    why would you put dude on blast like that? if he commits suicide its yall fault

  • lawstudent

    this kid is soon to be too so he is not any ole simpleton. If he is reading this he ought to sue your butts and he will prob win cause since he is not a celebrity he would probably win in a defamation suit unlike the celebs who y’all usually lie on. There is a lower standard of proof for him.

  • lawstudent

    1. Ole boy don’t even go to NYU (he goes to Georgetown Law) and its clear he was not dating Dollicia either. He basically discredited your whole story and instead of retracting it. Yall get mad and try to put him on blast. Mind you he is not a celeb just a regular ole person like any one of us who reads the blogs. A student at that!

  • http://none BigBody

    If it’s true, it can not be defamation. sorry.

  • str8diva


  • http://none BigBody

    I know people are trying to get on here to “get his back”, but it’s already been gotten, by bunches of men as far as I have read.

    Epic Fail.

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