Fake News! Here’s Why Tamera Mowry Is Getting Dragged Back To Rodger’s House

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Fake Tamera Mowry Story Goes Viral

Here’s how fake news gets out. Pay attention. The Root posted an interview with Tamera Mowry that had this little anecdote:

“While it’s popular these days, consider being different from all of the overly sexy, turnt up girls. Guys want someone who stands out from the crowd. Remember, there’s a huge difference between wifey and wife! Don’t get it twisted.”

This, of course, ruffled feathers. But here’s the problem:

The Root linked to an article that was on XONecole.

But that article linked back to an article from a site called CocoaFab. But the problem is when you click on the Cocoa Fab link, the article doesn’t show up. The link leads to nowhere. That still didn’t stop the internet for going after Tamera. Hit the flip for her reaction, clarification and the dragging that happened anyway.

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