Man Who Ran Down Times Square Crowd Was High On “Synthetic Marijuana,” Wanted To Commit Suicide/Murder Spree

- By Bossip Staff

Times Square Attacker Was High On Hallucinogens

The man who ran down pedestrians enjoying Times Square earlier today has been revealed as a Bronx man in his mid-twenties, high on K2.

According to Daily Mail, 26-year-old Richard Rojas was taken in by police after instantly killing one 18-year-old girl and seriously injuring 22 others. He immediately tried to run from police in hopes of being gunned down.

Police reported that Rojas fistfought an officer as they struggled to arrest him.

Rojas reportedly told police that he intentionally ran into the crowd and hoped that police would kill him immediately after.

“You were supposed to shoot me. I wanted to kill them,” he told police.

Rojas was reportedly under the influence of both K2 “Synthetic Marijuana” and PCP, each of which cause intense hallucinations and mania. He reportedly told police that once in custody that he carried out the attack on God’s orders.

SMH! You really never know WHAT type of wild isht can happen to you at any time. We seriously doubt that any one of the injured or deceased banked on something so random occurring when they woke up this morning…


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