Cops Kill People: Off-Duty Chicago Officer Guns Down 17-Year-Old “Robbery Suspect” With 12 Shots

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Chicago Cops Kill Teenager Suspected Of Robbing Hair Salon

Chicago is once again the topic of conversation surrounding a questionable shooting death. After the egregious cover-up of Laquan McDonald’s murder at the hands of police, yet another teenager has lost his life under suspicious circumstances.

According to the Chicago-Tribune, 17-year-old Rashad Wells was killed by an off-duty cop because he was suspected to be the person who robbed a local hair salon.

Rashad’s mother has serious doubts about the cops’ story:

“My baby was coming from school. I know he was. I dropped him off this morning. To go to school,” she said.

“So they shot the wrong person?” A TV reporter asked during a brief interview with relatives who asked media to gather after yelling at police.

“I wasn’t here,” she said.

Wells’ relatives tell reporters that the teenager was shot 12 times, but the Tribune is going out of their way to stress how this account of the events is suspect.

Relatives said he had been shot 12 times, though it’s not clear where they got that information or how they knew it to be true.

A number of times, television reporters were interrupted in their live shots by relatives who were yelling. The woman who identified herself as the mother said police wouldn’t share information. She had talked with a detective for about 10 minutes within the crime scene, though it was not clear what information the detective provided. After speaking for about a minute to assembled reporters, she declined to answer more questions.

Guess when a family member suffers a tragic and questionable death, peace and quiet is the proper protocol for self-important reporters to do their jobs.

R.I.P. Rashad Wells. Our condolences go out to his family who is undoubtedly heartbroken.

BOSSIP will have more details on this shooting as they become available.

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