Stiff Arm: Huma Abedin Files For Divorce From Future Registered Sex Offender Anthony Weiner

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Huma Abedin Files For Divorce From Anthony Weiner

Ashy Twitter can’t use the tired and crusty “a strong woman is supposed to stand by her man” schtick with Huma Abedin. She’s stayed down with her pervert husband after MULTIPLE publicly embarrassing sex scandals. Today, that comes to an end.

The NYPost is reporting that Hillary Clinton’s former aide is finally filed dem papers to divorce her disgraced and estranged husband Anthony Weiner.

In an effort to avoid yet ANOTHER public embarrassment, Huma has filed “Anonymous vs. Anonymous” and asked that the court record be sealed. The uncontested filing should be easy, breezy and beautiful in regards to custody of their 5-year-old son, Jordan.

Because Weiner has to file with the state of New York as a sex offender, divorce lawyer Michael Stutman suggests she take all the necessary precautions:

“If Huma were my client, based upon what I have read, my advice to her would be she needs to be careful and able to demonstrate that she has acted reasonably to protect her child,” Stutman said. “You don’t leave him alone with the kid when you’re out of town. You have a nanny. You have Grandmom and Grandpa come over.”

She’s a lot better than we are for sticking around after the first scandal. Hopefully she and Jordan can find peace in Weiner’s absence.

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