Eddie’s Fresh New Tenderoni

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Eddie Murphy has found someone new to be his woman lover decoy:

Since March, Eddie’s been secretly dating gorgeous waitress Lara LaRue, the sister of CSI: Miami star Eva LaRue. Lara works at Sushiya on Sunset Boulevard in LA, and according to Eddie’s pal, “He is already telling his friends that he is in love.” Lara, a sometime-model and a ringer for Eddie’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy, admitted: “I know Eddie. He’s an amazing guy. I respect him and he respects me.” An insider reveals that Lara and Eddie met while bowling and have been keeping the relationship quiet. Eddie and Lara share the same April 3 birthday — but Eddie is 47 and Lara is 25. A pal says, “He’s been sending Lara huge floral arrangements practically every day and is talking about moving in together.”

He’s definitely got a thang for those high yella chicks. Damn, he’s practically old enough to be her dad. But that’s how it goes in Hollyweird. In this case, Eddie better keep an eye on his dough for real, this broad doesn’t even have a steady job. SMH.

Here is a better shot of Lara with her sister Eva:


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  • Mechelle


  • garyd

    god damnit

  • Don't mind me

    She is really pretty. He on the other hand as much as I love delirious and trading places and raw is a wanker

  • Big Mike

    Get that young puss Eddie!

  • Applegrrl25

    He disgusts me:-( YUCK!

  • Tracey

    He likes them MIXED doesnt he, and he likes a mixture or male and female?

  • Don't mind me


  • Mechelle

    LMAO @ applegrrl25

  • Tracey

    What will happen if she falls pregnant or wants to marry her…is soon going to claim she is using him for his money?

  • Lady Architect

    SMH. IT’s so sad how this man just jump around woman to woman. What’s even more sad is that these women are letting him do it. Be careful that’s why things are spreading so much.

  • lisa

    so cool

  • forfrackssakes

    didn’t he just have a 50th birthday party?











  • guilty pleasure

    ^^^^^ forfrackssakes

    I was thinking the SAME thing!

  • Kay

    What I don’t understand is, how is Eddie pulling these women???? Don’t they know he’s gay????

    *We are in our last days*

  • Don't mind me

    Lady let it spread amongst those kinds off people. They wont learn. People are too fast nower days. It’s all about consequence of actions

  • anonymous

    It doesn’t seem like SHE a gold-digger if HE is talking about moving in together and HE is in love; and if she was, why would she choose HIM, he who has been outed more than Al Reynolds? ISH!!!

  • Melissa

    Is it me or does this chis look similiar to Nicole his ex? Let Eddie get his swirve on….she knows what it is!

  • bree

    ok why the hell do these women keep shacking up with Eddie? do they not listen to the radio, read a magazine, converse with other human beings?

  • Melissa

    Damn…..I mean chic…yall know it’s early!

  • I'm Just Me


    He is getting them younger and younger probably because he thinks the young peope don’t know about his sexuality.

    Anyhoo, why is he getting with women that look just like his ex-wife? He can’t get over her huh?

    How does Johnny feel about this?

  • SIX Shooter (GET MONEY)

    @ Tracey. I agree he does like the manly looking females hmmmm wonder why:)

  • Vinandi

    her sisters prettier!

  • jusplayit04 The Great

    Damn, Eddie moves fast…wasn’t he getting married last week to Tracey.

  • 2oclock demon

    What dude send chicks “huge floral arrangements”? My guess is, he likes “huge floral arrangements”. I can think of 2 other dudes that are into that stuff, Elton John and Usher. Huge floral arrangement…what a douche.

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