It’s NOT “Just Twitter”: Netflix Buys Rights Twitter-Spawned Rihanna And Lupita Crime Caper Flick

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Netflix Buys Rihanna And Lupita Movie That Began On Twitter

Twitter really can be the land of milk and honey if you know how to freak it.

Remember about a month ago when we brought you the story of how a tweeter’s 140-character movie pitch went straight to the top of Black Twitter? Ava DuVernay was ready to direct it, Issa Rae was ready to write it and both Rihanna and Lupita were down to star in it. It was absolutely incredible. We can’t say we’ve ever seen anything like it.

Welp, if you thought there was no way that this movie would actually come to fruition, you’re dead azz wrong.

According to EW, Netflix won the rights to the film after a “dramatic” negotiation among several high-profile movie studios during the Cannes Film Festival. Ultimately, Netflix jumped hard at the project and their offer effectively delivered a might stiff arm to the competition.

Its said that Issa is already working on the script and Netflix would like to begin production in 2018 Ava DuVernay is done with her current project.

NetFlix is catching BODIES out here. These film studios either gonna have to get down with the program or kiss the ring.

Are you as hype as we are?!?!?

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