Woman Hits Wendy’s Workers With Mace Because Her Fries Weren’t Fresh Enough

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Woman Attacks Wendy’s Workers Over French Fries

A woman in Coon Rapids, Minnesota — yes, you read that right — took matters into her own hands when she discovered that her fries weren’t as hot and crispy as she would personally like them.

According to Daily Mail, 25-year-old Eiram Chanel Amir Dixson ordered food at a local Wednesdays and specifically requested fresh fries. However, employees say that when she received her meal, she instantly began arguing about the order and got violent.

She reportedly threw soda through the drive-through window, before reaching in the car for her mace. Employees say she fired off the mace on three employees, including the manager, whose eyes burned and had difficulty breathing.

Needless to say, Police were called to the scene and Dixson was taken in and charged with using tear gas to immobilize, which carries a potential five-year sentence.

Guess she might want to take the fries as-is next time around…

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