Exclusive: Future – Refusing To Hand Over His Touring Income Records To Rocko In $10 Mill Legal Battle

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“Mask Off” Rapper Accused Of Refusing To Play Ball In Lawsuit

Future is accused of refusing to hand over his financial records on what he pulls in from his concerts, and now his former music producer Rocko  has headed back to court demanding the judge force him to hand over the docs in their $10 million legal battle.

Last year, producer Rocko, owner of A1 Recordings, filed a $10 million suit against the rapper. He claimed he discovered Future and helped launch his career.

He explained Future signed a deal with his company in 2011, which had him producing six albums with A1. The deal stated Rocko would be paid 25% commissions off record deal advances and 20% off earnings from endorsements, touring, etc.

During record label negotiations, he claims Future screwed him over by cutting a multi-million side deal with Epic and screwing him out of his commissions.

Future fired back saying he never had an exclusive deal with Rockco and denied he did anything shady with his Epic deal. He counter-sued demanding unpaid recording costs and unpaid advances of $10,000 per album under their deal.

Then on May 17th, Rocko filed a motion to compel discovery responses from Future. Rocko accused the rapper of refusing to hand over his financial records related to how much he is raking in from his concerts.

The producer explains Future has refused to provide specific information related to his income from touring and endorsements, which is the bulk of his income that A1 is entitled to share.

He accuses the rapper’s refusal to hand over the docs of putting him at a disadvantage during negotiations to settle the case. According to the docs, Future responded to the discovery demands by refusing to comply due to his belief Rocko was seeking documents he has no right to see.

The judge has yet to make a decision.

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