Girl’s Best Friend: Woman Discovers That 1980s “Costume Jewelry” Diamond Is Really Worth $456,000

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Woman Finds Out That Costume Diamond Ring Is Real And Worth Over $400,000

Note to self: Never sell your personal junk without getting it appraised first. That way you don’t feel stupid AF when you find out that said junk is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

According to CNN, an understandably anonymous woman recently discovered that a ring she bought at a “boot sale” (like a garage sale but out of a car’s trunk, or “boot” as they say in the U.K.) in the 1980s for $13 is actually worth an estimated $456,000.

Sotheby’s is auctioning off the pricey bauble and the head of the jewelry department explained how something like this could have happened:

“When we think of diamonds, we think of modern cuts, of brilliance,” Wyndham told CNN. “This wouldn’t have looked like that. The silver had tarnished and there was probably some dirt. These diamonds were made for candlelight, not our white artificial light, so it was all about trying to bring out its fire.”

The ring’s owner had been rockin’ it for years and one day she randomly decided to have it appraised and heard the life-changing news.

Talk about hittin’ a lick.

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