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Yandy Smith Talks “My Blended Family” Book

Yandy Smith recently chatted with BOSSIP about her new book “My Blended Family.” The fiction book details challenges being a step parent and dives into difficult or awkward conversations parents may have to have with their children.

According to Yandy, it’s designed to be a tool for parents to use when explaining the concept of blended families and has been helpful for her and her son Omere.

“It is the first of a series, I’m looking to do 12 books. I wanted an easy way to explain to my son and make it look like a pretty package and sometimes it is a pretty package, and sometimes it is a pretty package and sometimes it’s a hard package. Ultimately it’s a family of love and it’s families that have extra love because you have more blendedness.”

In addition to speaking on the book, Yandy also gave an update on Mendeecees who’s moving from prison to a camp….

“It is one step closer to home and a lot more freedom so to speak. I’m excited about that, we are doing very well. I was just with him.”

and added that the two of them were “stressed” about the latest season of LHHNY partly because of the actions of his baby mamas.

“He was stressed all season long and it was really a ‘Come to Jesus’ moment for us, like, ‘Is this what we wanna do?’ Because we’ve never had issues, we’ve never had issues with either one of his children’s mothers. It’s always been a smooth transition—–but you slap a camera in front of some people that ain’t used to it and you hear about all types of feelings. […] When you have a camera in front it definitely creates a different dynamic in relationships and we weren’t for it.”

Will YOU be buying Yandy’s new book???



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