C-Milli Reveals She Met Her New Baller Bae After He Dove In Her DM’s [VIDEO]

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Christina MIlian The Real Robert Voets /Warner Bros. Television

Christina Milian Met Her Current Boyfriend On Instagram

While guest co-hosting on “The Real” Friday, Christina Milian told the panel that it definitely goes down in her DMs! The singer/actress/hostess admitted that her Instagram thirst traps definitely have worked like a charm for her because she met her current boo Brandon Wilds when he sent her a DM.

Loni Love: It was probably the person that you’re dating right now, Brandon Wilds.

Christina Milian: Who? [Laughs.]

Loni: Yeah, you dating the New York Jets uh yes…

[The Real audience applauds.]

Adrienne Houghton: You guys look so cute together.

Loni: How did you guys meet?

Christina: That’s what happens when you put pictures on Instagram. Um I met him, he slipped in the DMs. [Laughs.]

Adrienne: Really? Wait, are you serious?

Loni: It really works?

Christina: Well, it worked that time. I never met anybody else to be honest with you, but I will say like you know, I look through my direct messages. Like there’s business opportunities, you know friends sometimes that you’re like, “Oh wait, they’re on Instagram now.” So, he actually sent me a message and um I opened it and was like “Woah, this messaging.” Like the way he communicated the message, was really nice. He’s like, “I think you’re beautiful, a beautiful woman.” A very positive energy, he’s like, “I would love to take you to dinner. I understand that you have a daughter, so I’m very mindful of your time.” I was like, “Oh, he melted my heart right there.” He’s really nice, he’s a nice guy. And he was verified, so that made a difference.

[The Real audience applauds.]

Loni: And he’s a younger guy right?

Christina: He is younger.

Adrienne: You said he was verified.

Christina: Verified. Verified, he had the check, so I was like okay.

Photo Credit: Robert Voets /Warner Bros. Television

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