Poor Thing: Karlie Redd Sues Shady Dealership For Pinching Her Porsche 

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A crying shame.

Lawsuits: Karlie Redd Sues Dealership For “Repossessing” Porsche Out Of Her Locked Garage

Karlie Redd says a dealership stole her Porsche after she breaking onto her property— they are saying it was lawfully repossessed! 

According to a TMZ report, the Love and Hip Hop Star filed a claim that says a couple of goons from Vanderhall Exoctics Of Houston, forced their way onto her property, breaking into her garage earlier this year. That’s when she says in documents that they drove away with the 2014 Porsche Panamara. Vanderhall said they had to repossess the car for lack of payments.

Karlie calls BS on that! She says she’d made $43,300 worth of payments on the car she purchased for $57,397. She says they also got into her house, stole an unspecified amount of jewelry and clothing. Karlie then called police and, through an app, traced the car back to the dealer in Texas.

Karlie strongly disagrees with the dealership’s claims that the move was “lawful”. She’s suing to get back all the money she’d paid on car now. Do you think she has a case?



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