Tiger Woods' DUI Sobriety Test Footage Released

Footage Of Pilled-Out Tiger Woods Tanking His Field Sobriety Test Hits The Interwebs [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

Tiger Woods’ DUI Sobriety Test Footage Released

As you’ve certainly heard by now, Tiger Woods had a little bit of a rough night the Sunday leading up to Memorial Day. Now, footage of Tiger’s totally zooted attempt at passing his field sobriety test has hit the internet. TMZ acquired the video, showing a completely out of it Tiger having no idea what state he’s even in, with complete inability to make any coherent sense, walk without wobbling, or execute the simplest of motor functions when asked.

First, Tiger indicated to police that he was headed Orange County, CA from LA…even though he was about 8 miles away from his home in Jupiter, FL.

Once out of the car, Tiger couldn’t walk a straight line, touch a red light as asked, and mumbled and slurred a lot of incoherent mumbo jumbo. Mind you, he blew a 0.000 on his breathalyzer, so his claim about being slizzed off his pain meds has validity.

Jeez, it’s a wonder he didn’t hurt himself or anyone else while operating a car in this state. If he’s been taking this combo of pain meds for the last month or so like he says…how could he be functioning day-to-day when this is the state they put him in?




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