White Student Hands Out “Why White Women Should Date Black Men” Fliers…In Response To Hatred?

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When being an ally goes terribly wrong…

White Student Responds To Racist Flier With Her Own Version And Gets Punished

A white woman and student at Southern Methodist University thought it was a good idea to counteract “racism” and it went terribly wrong for her. According to wfaa.com, the Dallas undergrad, Emily Walker observed fliers being passed around her campus from an unamed source that said “Why White Women SHOULDN’T date black men”. She says the flier was “full of racism” and wanted to do something about it.

“I was like, ‘I’m a white woman.’ I’m going to show the author, ‘No, sorry buddy. You didn’t win.’ It hurt the black young men on our campus,” she said.

Emily responded to the flier by printing 150 copies of her own titled “Why White Women Should Date Black Men” and posted all 150 copies around campus according to the report. About a week later, she was notified that she was under investigation by the University. Now Walker was issued a punishment of “probation” by the school. Meaning if she does anything else, she’s kicked to the curb. She thinks that is unfair.

Walker said the university claimed her flyers added to a hostile environment on campus. Her flyer did use risqué generalizations about white men, but she says it was a satire to send a supportive message to black students.

Interesting way to respond…thoughts?

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