Scary: Mentally Ill Malaysian Airlines Passenger Threatens To Set Off Bluetooth “Bomb”

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Aussie Flight Crew Comes Together To Detain Crazed Passenger Screaming “Bomb” Threats

Some guy bugged out on a flight to Kuala Lumpur, leaving passengers SHOOK, but the crew apprehended him.

A Malaysian Airlines flight leaving out of Melbourne had to turn around after a passenger attacked a member of the flight crew and threatened to “blow it up”.Yahoo News reports that the passenger had been carrying an object on board. That’s when he attempted to enter the cockpit shouting he had a bomb, authorities and witnesses said on Thursday. ‘About 30 minutes into the flight a male passenger attacked a female member of the cabin crew who screamed for help’ a witness said in the report. Some of the crew grabbed the guy and tied him down with seat belts as the flight was turned around.

Armed police boarded the plane when it landed back in Melbourne, taking the man who has to appear in court next week over the incident. Australian police said they did not believe the incident was linked to terrorism. They reported that the man had mental health issues. A device carried by the man as he shouted threats was not dangerous.  It appeared to be a bluetooth speaker device.

He was free to fly just hours after his release.

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