ANOTHER ONE! Laura Govan’s Cali Crib Got Hit Up For $700,000 In Cash And Jewels

- By Bossip Staff

Laura Govan’s House Robbed For Over $700,000 In Valuables

Laura Govan is the newest member of the “celebrity homes in L.A. get ganked” club according to TMZ.

The nipple-baring reality star came home from vacation to a totally upended house with approximately $700,000 worth of her personal belongings missing.

Word is the crooks skated off with $98,000 in cash (Laura caking like THAT??) and another $615,000 in jewelry which allegedly included a $50,000 Rolex.

As for the obvious question of why Laura didn’t have an alarm system…she says she has one but it wasn’t activated so that her house-sitter could come and go. Our question is, why the hell wouldn’t the house-sitter have the code? Would this person have to leave the house unattended at SOME point during the day?

To make Laura’s poor security issues even worse, a motion sensor detected movement at her home around 1am, which is consistent with a neighbor’s statement that a dog was heard barking around that time. Problem is, there is no video footage saved because the cameras aren’t linked to cloud storage.

So, to recap, Laura Govan somehow has 100-grand in cash and more than half-a-mil in jewels, but is too cheap for proper security of said items.


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