Kanye Aims To Yeezy-Out Privileged Calabasas High School Athletes

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Kanye West Wants To Revamp Calabasas High School’s Athletic Brand

Are privileged high schoolers in Calabases ready to rock “Yeezy” on their official athletic gear?

Kanye West thinks they should.

According to a TMZ source, Yeezy and his team was seen recently meeting with school officials to pitch a collaboration between Kanye and Calabasas High School. He wants to take creative control over the entire athletic department, he even pitched changing their mascot from a coyote to a wolf.

Calabasas athletics have ‘exploded over the past few years’ according to the TMZ report. Probably why Ye is interested. A handful of their players have become “high-profile.” Nikko Hall is someone gaining a lot of attention on the school’s football program, according to MLive.com.

Calabasas High also makes headlines over race matters. CHS dealt with a student posting Swastikas in the school’s restroom. This incident happened just last month, May 5th, according to Patch. Currently, the school serve 74% white students and just 4% black.

Kanye also offered to make a “sizable donation” to the school, which includes redoing their gymnasium if they grant him the opportunities he’s asking for.

We guess it pays to have Yeezy live in your ‘hood!


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