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Rocko And Future Embroiled In $10 Million Suit

Future has headed back to court in the $15 million battle with music producer Rocko to demand the judge not force him to turn over the millions he will be paid for his summer tour – claiming he doesn’t owe Rocko a dime.

Last year, producer Rocko, owner of A1 Recordings, filed a $10 million suit against the rapper. He claimed he discovered Future and helped launch his career.

He explained Future signed a deal with his company in 2011, which had him producing six albums with A1. The deal stated Rocko would be paid 25% commissions off record deal advances and 20% from earnings from endorsements, touring, etc.

During record label negotiations, Rocko said Future screwed him over by cutting a multi-million side deal with Epic & screwing him out of his commissions.

Future fired back saying he never had an exclusive deal with Rocko and denied he did anything shady with his Epic deal. He counter-sued demanding unpaid recording costs and unpaid advances of $10,000 per album under their deal.

Recently, Rocko filed docs pleading for the judge grant an injunction and appoint a receiver to collect all money Future is paid for his summer concert tour. Rocko also wants the cash put into a trust that the rapper cannot touch. He argued that Future lives an excessive lifestyle despite him refusing to pay Rocko his cut of millions.

Future recently announced his 34-show summer concert tour which begins in May. Rocko says the rapper is paid $150,000 per show and is set to earn millions from the tour.

Rocko pleaded with the judge to order the rapper to turn over all income he is paid for his tour until the outcome of the legal battle to ensure funds are available to pay him if he wins a judgment against Future.

Then on June 2nd, Future headed to court blasting Rocko’s attempt to have him turn over all his income from his summer tour.

The rapper points out the producer filed his lawsuit eleven months ago – and is only now asking for an appointment of a receiver to collect his money.

Future says he is adamant he doesn’t owe the producer a dime and claimed Rocko has provided no evidence to the court to warrant his request. He is demanding the judge shut down Rocko’s motion.



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