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Harvard Revokes Acceptance From 10 Students Over Obscene Facebook Memes

When the hell will people learn that what you do and say on the internet can and will affect their “real life”?

Harvard University is brining the hammer down on 10 would-be freshmen who were accepted to the prestigious college after it was discovered that they were members of a Facebook group that promoted racist and pedophilic memes.

According to TheCrimson, Harvard rescinded the acceptance of the incoming students because they were part of a social media group called “Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens”.

The purpose of the aforementioned group was to share obscene memes that were racist, mocked rape and sexual assault, joked about the Holocaust, and the death of abused children.

It is reported that one meme depicted the hanging of a Mexican child, it was entitled “piñata time”

Sounds like a bunch of spoiled, privileged, entitled, a$$hole white kids who think rape, ni**ers, and child abuse is downright hilarious.

Good luck at ITT Tech!

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