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Lawsuits: Pregnant Inmate Says Milwaukee Deputies Shackled Her During Birth


A former Milwaukee County inmate will finally get to see her lawsuit out in court this week. A Federal jury will decide whether it was illegal for her to be shackled by her hands and feet to a bed while she gave birth according to the Journal Sentinel.

The unnamed former inmate was 19-years-old when she gave birth while serving her punishment under Milwaukee County sheriffs deputies back in 2015. Reports say she was bound by her hands and feet while giving birth and this has caused her emotional and mental trauma.

David A. Clarke commented on that situation by saying that he was being responsible by allowing deputies under his order, to shackle of the young woman.

“If this inmate clocks or strikes or punches – and this has happened – hospital staff, I’m responsible for that.” Clarke said in a December 2015 deposition.

He added:

If an inmate is outside the (jail), there’s the threat of escape, there’s the threat of assault. It is always present.

Clarke maintains that the policy protects hospital staff from potentially dangerous inmates lashing out, according to court documents. Clarke said doctors can ask for the removal of shackles if it’s medically necessary. The plaintiff will have to provide proof of trauma the shackles caused to determine if she will win over the jury.

There is nothing in the report that says what the unnamed woman was in the bing for, but, given that it was “county” prison…we can guess she wasn’t on the “most wanted” list. Thoughts?



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