We Made You Cool, Come Back to the Block Jenny

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Jenny’s new Spanish-language album has flopped, selling fewer than 50,000 copies. According to Star Magazine, one publicist put it this way:

“Jennifer’s album is a bomb!” “Marc probably pushed Jennifer to be less formulaic and to try to reach deep inside to find her true voice,” says a source. “But Jennifer’s hits have been very formulaic and overly produced dance numbers- songs like ‘Waiting for Tonight’ and Jenny from the Block.’ Marc’s album was designed to be deep- but no one wants that from Jennifer. They don’t want artistry, they want fun hits! I think Marc misfired.”

Nothing is working for Jenny, the only formula that worked was when she was down with the block and going to clubs witnessing gun shots. YT doesn’t want her, Spanish folks are not buying that sh*t, hmmmmm. You will notice the only time Jenny’s career was hot was when she was down with “the block”. It’s probably too late to come back, maybe she will retire and just be known as a hard worker who looked good and had some style. There is not much talent out there anyway.

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