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Rumor Control: Tidal Reveals 4:44 Teaser During NBA Finals

Promo with the time “4:44” stirred the streets of NYC and the internet in a tizzy a few days ago. Everyone was speculating that maybe it was a hint at a new Jay-Z album? Four seems to be the Carter’s favorite number. The source code to the ads that popped up on websites like Complex, had the words “tidal” in it, turning Tidals geeks into detectives.

Jigga fans glued their eyes to their Tidal apps in the afternoon. 4:44 came and went, with no new music! So, what was it really for???”

The Tidal tease was for a movie! The film’s trailer dropped in a commercial that aired during the NBA finals.

According to the film’s trailer, Mahershala Ali, Lupita Nyong’o and Danny Glover are slated to appear in it. Like all things Tidal, the film looks exclusive to it’s users. Welp!

Anyone still excited for 4:44 now that we kinda know what it is?



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