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Caucasian Couple Tells Latino Family “Go Back To Your Country” At Sears, Employees Do Nothing

“Go back to your country!!” That seems to be the standard racist Caucasian clap back to anything that upsets them done by people of any other race. That’s exactly what one New Jersey woman belted at a couple who she felt was holding up a Sears line, trying to get their bargain on. Her male counterpart then chimes in “Let’s drain the swamp”.

The incident took place at a Bergen, NJ Sears. After waiting in line behind a family during the check out, the women goes off. She erroneously calls the couple “Indian”, and storms off to another part of the store. Her racist mate follows her.

According to the NJ’s WKXW, the woman and her partner was NOT removed from the store after the incident. Management also made no apologies for her behavior. Reportedly, an employee tried to “calm” the racist woman down. What about the unsuspecting family with their coupons??? Oh, Sears.

Here’s the clip.


“Nobody intervened to actually address her hateful comments,” Simoni Lovano, who took the clip told WKXW. “I feel guilty as well that I didn’t speak up. I was so angry I was almost shaking and it was very hard for me to say something.”




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