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Did You Know: David Joyner, Who Played Barney On T.V. For A Decade Credits Tantra And Psychic Ability For Success

If the Barney tune, “I love you…you love me…” left you in a trance as a kid, the actor who played the character for over 10 years says, that’s no coincidence. David Joyner spoke with Business Insider about his experience playing Barney, the curious purple dinosaur that explored his imagination with a cast of ripe minded children. He says Tantra, led him to spreading love to an entire generation.

Joyner, who has a degree in electronic engineering technology, worked as a software analysis. He says his psychic energy lead him to his career as a T.V. dinosaur.

There’s a lot of psychic energy in my family, and there’s a lot of clairvoyance. And a lot of times, with me, if I’m trying to figure out a situation, I’ll dream about it.

Well the night before the audition, I had this dream. And in this dream, Barney passes out. And I have to give Barney mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. So on the way to the audition, I’m sitting at a stoplight, and something says “Look up.” So I look up, and there’s this billboard. It says “Breathe life into your vacation — Southwest Airlines.” And then it hits me. I had to breathe life into Barney in my dream. If I go into this audition and breathe life into this character, I’m going on vacation. And that’s exactly what I did.

On Tantra and spreading love:

Now, it’s no accident that I’ve been spreading “I love you” all around the world.

Now a lot of times you hear those words, and some people like, “Oh my god, that song,” and I’m like, “No, no, no” listen to it. I love you, you love me. We’re a happy family. So now, we’re now gathered together in this beautiful harmonious thing that’s happening. So it’s a beautiful thing to know how that song has impacted pretty much this next generation.

Of course, those residual checks where POPPING.




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