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Student Pricks 14 Kids With Used Diabetic Needle At Cali Elementary School

Parents from an elementary school in Fremont, California may have gotten the WORST scare of their lives this week. Over a dozen children were pricked by a diabetic lancet that bad azz grade schooler brought on campus.

The unnamed child went around asking children if they like stamps, and waited for them to look away before pricking them. One student, Bryan Bullock told ABC7:

“He said, ‘Do you like stamps,’and I said, ‘Yeah.’ He said, ‘Stick out your arm and look away,’ and I did, and I felt something poke me.”


“I thought I was going to get very sick and die slowly,” said eight-year-old Bryan Bullock

Bullocks grandfather says he took the boy to get tested and is still waiting on the results.

Reports say that 14 children to total have come forward with similar stories. Their parents were all urged to get them tested for Hepatitis and HIV. The principal says he asked the boy, who was caught with the needle, if he had pricked anyone with it on May 26th, he said no. Reports say the needle poking kid was “disciplined.”

A spokesperson for the Fremont school district told ABC they’ve been assisting the families with help they need along with the department of health. Wow.


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