Bye Bernadette! Nicki Minaj Takes Jab At Remy Ma On 2 Chainz Record & Fans Are Losing Their Lacefronts 

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Still Beefin’: Nicki Mentions Remy Ma Diss On “Realize” Record With 2 Chainz

After allegedly pulling every string she could behind the scenes to obliterate SHEther from existence, Nicki Minaj is still mentioning it and Remy Ma’s husband on records??

The petty rhymer was heard on an unreleased track at a listening party for 2 Chainz, calling out SHEther. She says Remy’s husband wrote the track and then continues with a bar about breaking Aretha’s record.

“I’ve been winning 8 years consistently, at least respect it. Papoose wrote the Ether record, but I broke Aretha record”

Here’s the fan video from the 2 Chainz party that catches Nicki’s bars.

Remy Ma has yet to directly comment on the diss, but she did release her own freestyle track, over Futures Mask Off beat. Seems like a general warning and reminder that she burned Nicki already.

“Murder neck, ooooh Imma murder necks. Maybe her, nah she ain’t worth it yet. I burned you, your new name is Bernadette.’


But, Of course Nicki fans think her bars on 2 Chainz’s album are HOT FIRE. Hit the flip for more reactions.



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