Disgraceful: NJ Cops Beat The Breaks Off Innocent Burning Man After They Caused His Car To Crash

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Disgraceful: Jersey Cops Caught Pounding Out Innocent Helpless Man On Fire

A group of New Jersey police officers did the most FAWKED up thing you could do to an innocent person on fire. They beat his AZZ.

According to CBS, the officers were in a car chase with another person, a man named Leo Pinkston. Pinkston’s refusal to pull over, caused several accidents while police pursued his vehicle. This police chase caused another man —Miguel Feliz’s car to hit a utility pole. After it bursted into flames, Feliz runs out in a panic to get flames off of him and officers run up (with guns drawn) and start HITTING sand KICKING him.


(Warning: The following video shows graphic, real life content.)


The poor innocent guy was trying to stop his skin from burning and then you drop kick him??  Bad enough he was just in a car wreck!!
A witness, Erik Roberto,  who was on the scene says:

“When I see the cops approaching, they started kicking him and grabbing him, pulling him out of the way,” he said. “I was screaming, ‘help him out, help him out.’ They made a huge mistake treating this guy that way. He wasn’t the one they was chasing.”


The brother of the victim is calling to have the police involved fired and charged according to the CBS report. As they should be! Feliz remains hospitalized and is reportedly scheduled for surgery Thursday.

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