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BET Avoided Pooch Hall After Learning He Accepted Another Gig

Remember when The Game was on BET? Pooch Hall was on top of the urban entertainment world. There wasn’t a BET event his face wasn’t associated with. The original scripted show really help gather a new audience for the network. Well now, the actor reveals that BET treated him like a stranger after he began exploring his career while the show was on break. His account his side of the ordeal sounds super shady. He detailed with happened during a conversation with Rocsi Diaz on her podcast Little Black Dress, with Nina Parker.

Pooch says news of him accepting a small role on cable drama “Ray Donovan” sparked the weird business vibes with BET. That’s when they finally said

When that sh*t hit Deadline, the emails and phone calls just ceased. It was like crickets. Then my lawyer called and asked has anyone from BET or Business Affairs called you? I was just like, ‘We might as well focus on Showtime because I know what that means.

It was like the doors closed and all of a sudden no more BET Awards, it was like nothing. My peoples were like, “are you still acting?

It was just like tough to deal with because all of a sudden it was almost like – the urban side of it was just like “Where’s our guy?” and it was just like Damn, man, BET let another one go in a sense. And yo, you go through sh*t. I don’t care how tough I am. A guy or whatever man. We have feelings and certain things hurt us and bother us and you know we’re not indestructible. So it messed with me. And I’m not afraid to say it. I kinda got depressed.

Damn, BET acted weird after Pooch went to Hollyweird???

Here the full podcast here.




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