Don’t Mess With Muva: Amber Rose Goes Tweet For Tweet Against Potato Salad Face Piers Morgan

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Amber Rose And Piers Morgan Debate Whether Nudes Are Empowering Or Attention Seeking

It’s Monday and we’re still talking about Amber Rose’s bush baring social media post from Friday. Amber reposted her barebottomed bawwwwdy on Twitter after it was deleted from Instagram in the name of feminist empowerment and slutwalk promotion BUT not everyone was thrilled to see it.

Take Piers Morgan, for example who asked that she put it away… Amber didn’t take kindly to Piers’ remarks and promptly blasted him as a misogynist a$$hole.

Faced with being called attention seeking, Amber asked if Adam Levine was guilty of the same thing when he posed nude

Piers argued that Levine’s nudity was for a good cause and not the same thing.

As you can imagine, the argument spilled over with supporters from both sides of the argument chiming in from the sidelines.

Hit the flip to see those…

What do you think about the back and forth? Piers has a right to express his opinion as much as Amber, doesn’t he?

But do you think he’s being unfair to call Adam Levine’s brand of nudity less attention seeking than Amber’s?

Keep reading to see how the argument moved from feminist empowerment to male and female sexual confidence.

Who do you think WON this debate? Did Amber really DRAG Piers? We’re seeing some folks feel he was the one who dragged her. And whose side are you on?

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