Swirly Shut Down: ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Is A Wrap After Contestants Show Each Other What That Mouf Do

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Bachelor In Paradise Shut Down After Contestant Have Sex

Apparently the folks who produce Bachelor In Paradise are a tad prudish.

According to TMZ, production on the show has abruptly ended after 2 contestants got into some freaky thangs in the pool.

DeMario Jackson and blonde Becky Corinne Olympios were told by a producer that the were going to “hook up” as one of their storylines, but it appears that the producer got a lil’ more “hook up” than asked for.

When DeMario and Corinne met at a bar, the drinks were flowing and before you know it, Corrine was in his lap with a lot of “intense rubbing”.

The swirly couple then took their freaky filth to the pool, got naked and got it ON. It’s reported that there was copious amounts of “rubbing, touching and fingering”. DeMario states that Corinne put her puddycat in his face and he couldn’t help but take a couple of lusty licks.

A few days later, DeMario and Corrine were summoned by the Executive Producer and told that they would be released as one “uncomfortable” producer filed a formal complaint against Warner Bros.

Subsequently, production was suspended and the rest of the cast was released while an “investigation” takes place.

It’s interesting that producers were so offended by the sexcapade. Not like they could have aired that footage on TV anyway.

Flip the page to see more of DeMario and Corinne.

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    Fellas, would you show Corinne what the mouf do?

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