Burger King Employees Two Piece And Taser The Nuggets Out Of Racist Customer

- By Bossip Staff

Have It Your Way: White Guy Gets Ran Up Out Of Burger King, Employees Taser And Knock Him Out

The cashiers at a Burger King in the Montrose area of Houston said “we not playing with yo’ azz” when a tall, raggedy white guy started calling the young workers “n-gs”. The dude was caught on video throwing around cash registers and calling one of the girls “fat azz bitch”. That’s when a young man came from behind the counter and two-pieced him!

Dude dropped to the ground. Another worker came and tasered him. They ran him up out of there faster than a roach scatters when the lights come on. The whole crazy incident was caught on camera.

Peep it here.



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